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So another sex tape leaked, why are we excited again?

Jack Pemba (Left), Honey Suleman (Right)

So another sex tape leaked or was leaked – the point is that another sex tape has people on social media excited. I will not even apologise for that unintended pun. Social media conversations have a short life span. Something happens, people rant or get excited and then move on to the next topic. We have given a whole new meaning to the word trending.

So you will understand my confusion at the fact that sex tapes are still a trending topic. Is it a good excuse to go around Fr Lokodo’s rules? See if something leaks, you can easily argue that the thing just landed in your files – you did not go out looking for it. Just pity the children who like to pick up whatever phone they can get their hands on, somehow manage to go past the password into the files! I digress. What allure do these sex tapes have that reduces us to voyeurs, complete with analyses about the particulars of people’s body parts?

Considering how seemingly informed and progressive our generation is, you would think sex tapes would be beneath us. Anti we are elites. What business do we have getting into other people’s sex lives? Moreover ‘mere’ socialites –have you seen how we tear into socialites when we are being social media snobs?

You would think that the proposed one per cent tax on mobile money transactions would get us creating a hashtag around it. After all, that ka one per cent will eat into our money for MBs. But no, sex tapes are enough to distract us from whatever actual issue we were ranting about.

I have seen people who say they do not understand where I find the words to write about something – this is usually in reaction to even a movie review. Only for the same people to write a 500-word post on Facebook about a sex tape; what they did not like, what they liked, the lighting, sound etc. My friends, that is a review right there! The same place you found the words to talk about the sex tape is where I got the words to write about a movie or a book or a topical issue. I watched the movie, read the book, did my research on the issue. Goes to show that people are seated on hidden talent or channeling their energy in the wrong places. Did that come off as judgmental? It was meant to.

If you have the MBs, time and energy to spend on a sex tape, you have the energy to read the details of that opportunity you saw but said was too wordy for you to understand. You can watch that YouTube channel you said people have been talking about but you have not got around to watching because MBs, time, energy… Stop giving our generation a bad name as the people who are only going to pay attention to things when they have been dumbed down to silliness. Become as woke as you claim to be.

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