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Kenzo deserves more respect

Eddy Kenzo

Another international award bagged but still the usual mockery among Ugandans that feel Eddy Kenzo is on some juju arrangement. There is a legion of people that feel his success is a fluke.

But honestly, for how long will this man single-handedly carry the Ugandan flag on the international scene but still attract malicious statements from the public?

I would like to congratulate Eddy Kenzo for repping UG to the fullest by winning the Favourite African Star award at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.He beat other favourites such as Davido, Diamond Platnumz, and Emmanuella to the award.

These awards are internationally recognised and coveted by many artistes but not many of them has scaled these heights. A lot has been said about how Kenzo won in a category he deserved to be nominated in because apparently his music only appeals to children. Would you imagine that? The way they keep downplaying this man’s efforts even after he continues to shine internationally puzzles me.

Am I a fan of his music? Not necessarily, but I have followed his journey and it is inspiring for anyone who feels demoralised at any point in time. His journey from rags to stardom is well documented but it is until you meet other countrymen in the diaspora who make you reflect once again.

I recently met a Cameroonian who knew five Eddy Kenzo songs and could sing them word for word. His favourite was Zigido. I noticed the adoration in his eyes once he started talking about him.

As much as I did not like his music, I was blown away by this guy from a different country altogether who seemed so drawn to his music. This Cameroonian asked me about this ‘doctor’ who was also a talented musician in Uganda.

My guess was Jose Chameleone until he mentioned Eddy Kenzo’s name. Whoever spread this rumour was the winner. Eddy Kenzo, a doctor? Well, Eddy Kenzo, your medicine worked and I am surprised to see the influence your music has had across other regions in Africa. You earn my respect sir.

I urge my colleagues in the media to lift some of these artistes when they achieve and correct them when they falter. The abuse and slander only weakens them.Personally, I say it as it is. I respect hard work, moreso anyone that works hard to perfect their craft. Kenzo is no angel like anyone of us but he has really tried hard to make sure Uganda is known for something as good as its music. Congrats my friend!!

WATCH VIDEO: Eddy Kenzo wins Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award

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