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Zari laid her bed, let her lay in it and leave us alone!


She loves attention. She loves social media. She likes being talked about and all the drama that comes with it. So guess what? She lives her life for social media, the fans, haters, admirers and all! She is the kind that believes in that line, “Haters are secret admirers”.
Socialite and drama queen Zari Hassan is really one of a kind. She will throw a pity party and expect everyone to roll with her. She will throw a tantrum aimed at getting either her ex (es) or close family’s attention but go through the social media round-about.
Sometimes one will get shocked at how she keeps going on and on, rebranding herself from socialite to boss lady and now mbu Momprenuer but then realises that is what she loves most about life. Is Zari that lonely that she needs the public’s opinion in everything? When the Kardashians do it, we know it is reflected in their pockets. These ladies mint a lot of dimes from being everywhere even when they are literally doing nothing. Maybe that is Zari’s vision given that in her last interview on Sanyu FM’s Celeb Select she said she is not done until she owns a private jet. Okay, keep keeping on Zari.

Diamond Platinumz and Zari

On the same show, did anyone hear how mad she was when asked about her then boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz and his rumoured cheating habits? The anger, remorse, pain in her tone? Babe got carried away and started saying all sorts of things. Listening to that, it was easy to tell that this was a madam that had not fully healed.
Oba this is the part she should have realised that a break-up was coming up. Or was she in denial and waited for reality to sink in? Or could it be that being Zari she was planning for the most appropriate day to announce that she was done hence the Valentine’s Day message?

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Now she is all in full drive all about heartbreaks. When they are in love, they will let the whole world know and tell all beautiful tales about love, praise the male specie like no other. When they face a heartbreak, suddenly the quotes against love, trust, faith fall through. Now one wonders, why spoil another person’s moment because you are going through a heartbreak? Why? Just dwell in that zone and let the people enjoy the good.

Zari has rebranded from socialite to Boss lady. Now she calls herself a mompreneur. COURTESY PHOTOS

Zari made her bed. We are certain she had her great moments. I mean, she has two children to show for it. Now can this lady rest and focus on her five children!
Whatever rewards she picks from making her business ours. So we shall let her cry, laugh, flash her children (it does not matter if they enjoy being on social media or not, I guess), craft varying messages for all her fans, haters, name it. And we shall sit here and choose whether to keep following her or switch off. Right?

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