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Please pay up your debts!

But Ugandans, why don’t you pay debts? Getting someone to pay your money these days should be considered a sport. In fact, it is like war. Someone will see you pacing down the streets of Jinja Road going to catch some defaulter in his office only for you to miss that person by a few minutes. It is like you are hunting a rebel. Looking for your money has become very tactical that you literally have to recite someone’s schedule, know when his children go to school so that you pin him down at his office. Even after all this, the chap will feed you with stories. It is a nightmare to have people pay you and worse for them to do it in time. Everyone is in hiding, claiming they are in a ka small meeting so they cannot talk to you when you call. Mbu “munange you know the economy”. Excuses and more excuses.

Seeing someone that owes you money growing fat is one of the most disrespectful things you will ever have to endure. When you have my money for months, I should not see your belly making a statement. By default, your food is mine and your family’s food is mine too. I do not want to see your five-year-old child growing fat too. That is my money right there. I count it all. Your wife’s fancy jewellery should be paying my rent. I do not want to see you happy at church. Someone who owes you money will walk up to you at church and greet you confidently as if he has not been dodging your calls all week. Do not smile at me bro, run for your life with your children. Do not ever come back until you clear your dues. For some people, stuff is genuinely tight.

Someone borrows money for some hot deal, things go south or payment is delayed. That can happen and I understand. But then, be clear. Inform people and do not allow yourself to become a fugitive. On the other hand, there are chaps who pride in seeing you sweat for your money even when they have it. C’mon you call somebody to do work, they do it to perfection and then what next, you hold them at ransom for their money.

As the year ends, do right by yourself and your conscience to clear all your debts. Some of us have to go back to our villages to account for a year’s work and yet there you are, hoarding our money. God is seeing you. Be nice my people. PAY UP!

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