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You cannot judge someone simply by the car they drive


How do you rate wealth? Is it by the type of car one drives? The property they own or what lies beneath? Many times society has branded a number of people wealthy without knowing who they really are, the source of their wealth and what they stand for in society.

The other day, I was astonished when a group of girls dared to laugh at another’s “little” car, calling it a basket. In their view, she could have done better by acquiring a loan and gotten a better car. Now this reminded me of the many who jump phases in life, acquire huge loans to “live the dream” only for the debts to come biting them back to poverty. It also drew focus on the many that drool at guys and babes cruising around in plush rides and suddenly everything that comes out of their mouth is coated with gold. mnnnh!

When it was revealed that at some point in her music career, international artist Rihanna was running bankrupt, many went into a state of shock. To them popularity equals to wealth. I guess in the same way they believe that a plush ride or home or business (whether crippling or fetching a dime) equals wealth.

Now let me take you back to the first story. After the group of girls who called another’s little car a basket discovered that she actually was a loan-free person, living in her own home and had a series of other property to her name all acquired through hard work, they almost ate back their words as they drove off in their monster rides. Which brings us to the question, who do we live for?
Let us take this time to reflect on all the socialites that hit our dusty streets feeling like the new “lords” in the city only for a while and leave many wondering where they fled to. Mike Ezra, Bad Black, Meddie Sentongo – the list is endless. Are many of the few that shake the ground. Isn’t life interesting?

My point? I think by now, we need to know that just like beauty, wealth is a detail best understood by the owner. Society needs to be slow at judging or throwing shade on anyone by the cars they drive, the outfits they wear, places they hang out and the like.
Sometimes the wealthiest people are the most down to earth who know the value of everything, big and small. So, enough with the pointless hype. A duck wears a very composed demeanour even as it struggles to sail through water. In the same way everyone, everywhere has a story to tell beneath that composed or disturbed look that they may wear so how about we all just stick to minding our own business?

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