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The acute angle: For the love of extended deadlines

UCC reminds me of girls who break up with you yet you were technically never together. Funny thing is that such girls like to do their break-ups with class. One in three guys has received the much dreaded “we need to talk” message before in their lives. This message is like an invitation to your own funeral. Imagine the disbelief of being dumped by someone you had never acknowledged as your girlfriend. You show up and the girl is like “I don’t know how to tell you this….blah blah” I would die hahaha. So this beloved UCC, Who sent you? Are you the Anti-Christ? We don’t know you. Who are you? You are threatening to disconnect all unregistered SIM cards yet some people have never heard about you. Unbelievable! Where do you get the balls?
The UCC drama aside, you have got to bow for our people. Guys don’t care about that stuff. They condense pressure and believe that they will die another day. I recall the intense SIM card registration exercise pushed for by telecom companies some time back. It was a do or die affair back then. They made us believe that without registration, we were braced for communication by Fax. Some years later, it turns out that about 1.4 million users are unregistered. Whaaat? Where were all these people when we were queuing up to register? Like the coward that I am, I didn’t wait a day. The pressure was exhausting. To think that there are people who haven’t registered their SIMs, makes me laugh, to be honest. To make matters worse, these unregistered people need their national ID numbers to register their sim cards and guess what? They don’t have those too. Some have genuine reasons for missing out on registration and picking their IDs, but others are simply lazy. They believe that the deadlines will be pushed further. No stress. Mbu this is Uganda.
It must be really foolish for gavo to put deadlines and push them anyway. Guys just sit back, fold their arms and wait for some kind of announcement of an extended deadline. But even with extended deadlines, no one lifts a finger. Just how laid back is our society? No amount of extended deadlines will make a Ugandan lose sleep. They will drag till their death.
But on a serious note guys, let’s change. This kind of complacency kills, to be honest. And for UCC, don’t stress us. Wama guys, when is the next deadline?

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