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Each of my songs is special – Naira Ali

Naira Ali meets fans Maxwell and Hassadu

FAN TIME: Naira Ali has a strong voice and with time, she will probably be one of the best female musicians in Uganda. She met up with her fans Maxwell and Hassadu and they talked about her life and music.

Hi Naira. Please tell me about yourself?
My name is Naira Ali. I’m a Ugandan, born and raised here. I am a musician (vocalist) and I sing for the soul and to inspire.

I have failed to know your style of music. Can you help me out?
I do a fusion of afro and urban style. I do not stick to any particular genre because I consider myself a versatile artiste.

Three years ago, you had a concert at Africana. Nothing has happened since. What happened?
I don’t do as other artistes do and besides that, it wasn’t a concert but more of an album unveil. I have never held a concert.
When exactly will you have one?
Soon. You will be the first to know.

How many songs have you recorded since you took on this career?
I have a 14-track album (The sounds of Naira Ali) and I am currently working on my second album. I have more than 20 tracks.

We barely see you perform at other artistes’ concerts. Which places do you perform at?
I perform where I am invited and usually where I am paid. If an artiste doesn’t invite me to their concert, I don’t see the need to be there. But I perform in several other entertainment places around the country.

Besides music, what else do you do?
I am a mother and spouse, so taking care of my family is my first priority. I am also a graphic designer. Very soon, I will venture into the fashion and design world.

Among the songs you have done, which is your best and why?
I have a special connection to every song I have done, which makes it impossible for me to pick out one. Every song is special to me in its own way.

Tell me about your family?
Family is usually a private matter for me, but I am from a humble Muslim family with a number of siblings.

Is Naira Ali married, dating or single?
I am engaged to my baby daddy (names withheld).

For how long have you been with him?
For more than 10 years.

Why are you guys not married yet?
It is in our plans. We will but cannot tell you when.

What has been the driving force behind your relationship?
Love, trust and care from day one.

Know Naira Ali’s music

Naira Ali started singing in 2008 but broke out in 2013 with Okikola Otya as her break through single. Her first album (Sounds of Naira Ali) has songs such as Tulo, Muntu Wange, Shy Gal featuring Ziza Bafana, Mwerere, Nze Nawe, Okikola Otya, Dancing Tonight, Sweetest Thing, Ngandi Naw’e alongside Daniel Kawesa, Breaking Down, Fighter and Ensi Yange with Little Tammy. Her latest album has songs such as Signature, Mwoyo, Binyuma, Masala and Sinze, among others.

Talking education and the beginning

I attended Muslim Girls Primary School, East High School, Kibibi Secondary School, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial and Fine Arts majoring in graphic designing at Makerere University in 2012.

I started singing in 2008, but did only one song and took a break to concentrate on education and when I completed campus, I gave birth and raised my daughter until a few years ago when I decided to resume doing music.

My parents didn’t know until they saw my Tulo tulo video on TV. I thought they would be mad, but I was also surprised to learn that they were okay with it. Maybe because I was grown up, independent and a mother. They now support me.

The passion and commitment I have for music. Whenever you put your heart to something, it is always achievable.

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