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Daniel Ayebare, changing music from western UG

GROOMING TALENT: When he started out as a radio programmer, Daniel Ayebare’s target was to see how he could promote young talented artistes. And for now, things are going quite well as people in western Uganda are embracing local talent more.

Who is Daniel Ayebare?
I am a 29-year-old radio programmer in Mbarara and also the CEO of MVP Promotions. I was born in Nyabushabi, Kabale District.

What inspired you to join music?
Growing up, I was bothered when I attended functions, parties and a few or not a single song from the west was played. As I grew older, I promised myself that I would be a promoter of our local music.

When did you join the industry?
I started out in 2016 as a radio programmer and it was then that I discovered that artistes from this region had talent but lacked a platform to push their music to another level.

How are you making your breakthrough?
I sold my idea to different stakeholders who have supported my initiatives. For example, recording studios such as Elgon, Alpha Music and Lyric Studios have supported me by recording music of promising upcoming artistes.

Any challenges so far?
In the beginning, the artistes had no confidence in themselves and the perception on local music was negative, but through sensitisation and as artistes start making videos and audios, the public is beginning to appreciate the music.
Also indiscipline among artistes, who are driven by excitement; an artiste will find their song playing on the streets but when people call him, he swells and ignores them. Another challenge is getting radio stations to play the music.

Any achievements for you so far?
I have organised more than 50 shows with more than 15 artistes. These shows were intended to reach out to the community to appreciate and support our music. People upcountry are supportive and willing to support artistes unlike in big towns where without a big star the show will flop.
I have organised the Next Big Star platform where artistes are given audio offers and opportunities to work with the best producers in the region.

Who are some of the artistes you are working with?
They are many, but among them is Shine Omukiga, Ray Penny Patra, Doris Mutahunga, Emily Kikazi, Akiiki Romeo and Sister Charity.

What is the way forward?
Sensitisation of the communities to appreciate our music, strengthening partnership with the best producers and song writers to bring the best out of artistes and lobbying all radios, bar owners, event managers/organisers in western Uganda to start playing our music.

Any advice to artistes out there?
They need to know that fame is short-lived. I encourage artistes that no matter how good they are, they should stay humble.

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