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Mbu you are busy? Doing what?

Ugandans like to feel busy. When you call half of the population on phone, they can’t talk. At least at that time. “I am in the middle of something, let me call you back,” they say. Is this practical? Are Ugandans hustling that hard or they are simply making excuses? Everyone is in a rush to hang up their phone because they are apparently pursuing something. Maybe I am missing something. Of course I know a couple of people who are insanely busy for life. They have tight work schedules so it is hard for them to do anything else other than work. What I am not buying is people being too busy fooling themselves that they are busy. For some of you, January has humbled you so much that staying in office after work is the only option you have. You are busy staring at your desktop mbu you’re busy hehehe. Life is hard I know. Brighten up buddy.
Anyway, reason I am writing this is because of a little girl I met. An adorable soul that one. She was wandering in the supermarket and seemed lost. Being the forever caring guy that I am (clap for me brethren, thank you) I asked her to go to daddy. I picked on daddy because there was a guy clutching onto a trolley not so far from us. She told me daddy never comes to the supermarket with her. I was curious, so I bent down and asked her why. Apparently daddy always has meetings. She said this with a sad face. So anyway I asked where she left mummy and she implied that the mother was around. I held her hand and we moved around hunting for the mum. This is me underlining my marriage material credentials. Ladies, I am the guy. Look no further. Well, we found the mother eventually. She looked terrified about the prospect of losing her child in a supermarket. I fell in love with the angel. Poor innocent soul.
At that moment, I got irked by this ‘busy’ thing. I am certain that in 24 hours, there should be at least some time to bond with your child. Like dude, you can make time. There is so much that we dwell on that is just that, useless! When was the last time you said you were busy to do anything? It’s probably every day. Look for that time and use it. Think of a kid who doesn’t know her father yet the dad is punching a phone’s screen to its death in the name of checking out some nudes. I understand that many people are bursting their butts trying to make a decent living for their families but there is always time for everything. We choose to ignore this fact. Sorry for the lecture but that is the bitter truth. Nice weekend everyone.

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